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COBE - Industrial Collaborative Being

Meet COBE!
COBE - Industrial Collaborative Being, is a thesis project in an industrial design bachelor’s degree, by Michal Leschinsky.

COBE was designed and modeled by Michal in SolidWorks. Shading, animation and rendering were done by me - All in Blender and Cycles. The warehouse contains models from Turbosquid and BlendSwap, and the human models and animations are from Mixamo. It was then edited using Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

This is an interaction design project that showcases Michal's point of view regarding how our relationships and collaboration with robots should be like. The industrial environment is used as a platform to present her agenda.

Michal's main goal was to create a robot that we can understand - understand its intentions and understand how to communicate with it; A robot that is suited for the work environment and still evokes empathy.

Project by: Michal Leschinsky - Designer

Animation and Rendering by me :)

Music: Epidemic Sound

Introducing COBE

COBE - Industrial Collaborative Being

Making of COBE